Panel Repair and Replacement

When part of your car breaks down, you replace the broken part, not the entire vehicle. Many homeowners think that a broken garage door panel can only be fixed by replacing the entire garage door. Instead, a better idea is to call the team at Pro-Lift Doors®of Garland TX. Our garage door panel repair and replacement services offer an easy way to replace cracked, warped, dented, or discolored garage door panels.

As Garland’s garage door repair and installation experts, we can help you find the perfect replacement panel for your door to get it back to like-new condition. And if it turns out that your garage door requires a more extensive repair, our team can help you diagnose the problem and find the right fix.

Our Garage Door Panel Repair Services in Garland

Garage door panels regularly suffer damage in a range of different ways. Minor collisions, storm damage, and vandalism are common sources of panel damage, and in many cases, the damage is confined to just one or two panels.

So long as the damage is purely cosmetic and still functions properly, it is often better and cheaper to replace the damaged panel than to install a completely new door. That’s where Pro-Lift Doors of Garland can help. Our garage door panel repair and replacement services allow you to swap a damaged panel out for a new one, giving your door a “just like new” appearance.

At Pro-Lift Doors of Garland, we source our garage door panels from top manufacturers, and we stock panels in a range of styles and sizes. Our panel repair experts will order a replacement panel that’s in the same material, size, and style as the damaged panel, ensuring a seamless look once the replacement panel is installed.

Depending on the extent of the damage, you might be unsure whether to replace an individual garage door panel or install an entirely new door. Our experts will be happy to perform a full inspection for hidden or hard-to-spot damage and discuss your options in detail, including quotes for a panel repair vs. a garage door replacement.

Garage door panel repair services from Pro-Lift Doors of Garland are available to homeowners throughout the Garland TX area. In addition to Garland, our list of communities served includes Mesquite, Forney, Rowlett, and Rockwall.