Spring Replacement

When it comes to garage doors, springs are one of the most common parts to break. And when they do, you can wind up trapped – either inside or outside your garage – without being able to lift the door. When this happens, call in the experts in garage door spring replacement at Pro-Lift Doors. We can replace the springs in all makes and models of garage doors, typically within a few hours, so you can get your garage back and get on with your day.

Why Pro-Lift Doors for Spring Replacement?

When springs break, sometimes it’s the result of wear and tear over the course of many years. Other times, it’s due to a weak part. But you don’t have to worry about that with Pro-Lift Doors. We only rely on the highest quality garage doors parts, including springs installed by our experienced technicians. The springs we install are truly built to last, offering a lifespan that’s twice as long as the industry standard.

We offer our customers further peace of mind by backing our garage door spring replacement service with a five-year warranty if we replace all of your springs. If there’s ever an issue within those five years, all you have to do is call us and we’ll return to fix the problem at no charge to you.

Why Not Do the Job Yourself?

You may not realize it, but springs play a critical role every time you use your garage door. They’re designed to precisely counter-balance the weight of the door as it opens and closes, thus making it easy for you to open the doors yourself or with a garage door opener.

However, over time, as you consistently use your garage door, the springs can weaken and break, requiring a replacement. When this happens, you’d have to lift more than half the weight of the garage door to get it open. This can cause serious injury. Likewise, considering the amount of tension involved in a garage door system, attempting to replace springs yourself can be dangerous if you are not experienced with this.

Instead, let the professionals at Pro-Lift Doors handle the work for you. We can safely replace the springs in your garage door. That way, you can rest easy knowing the job is done properly and is backed by the best warranty in town.

When you have broken springs in your garage door, call in the spring replacement technicians homeowners trust: Pro-Lift Doors. We offer same-day service, as well as weekend and emergency support.