Dock Traffic Lights

If your dock traffic lights aren’t reliable, or aren’t functioning properly, it’s time for a new installation. Malfunctioning loading dock signals can put your drivers and dock workers at serious risk. Beyond that, non-working dock traffic lights can impact the flow of traffic on your loading dock, preventing trucks from leaving or trailers from entering at the right times. Plus, without proper lighting, you can risk a fine for OSHA non-compliance.

If you’re facing issues with your dock traffic lights, call in the installation and repair experts at Pro-Lift Doors. We can assess your operation, offer honest answers and recommendations, and implement a solution that keeps your people – and your products – safe.

The Risk of Broken or Malfunctioning Dock Traffic Lights

In business, there’s a lot on the line every day. You have shipments and trucks constantly coming in and out of your loading docks, and you need to ensure everything runs like clockwork. That’s where dock traffic lights come in.

Dock traffic lights clearly indicate when it’s safe to depart and when a driver should stay put. Likewise, they let your dock workers know when to load and unload trucks and containers. However, if dock lights aren’t working correctly, then communication between your drivers and warehouse personnel breaks down. What’s worse, injuries or deadly accidents can happen as a result.

Gain Peace of Mind with Pro-Lift Doors’s Dock Traffic Lights Installation Services

At Pro-Lift Doors, you can rest easy with our dock traffic lights installation and repair services. With four decades in the business, we can offer a highly trained team of technicians who have the expertise necessary to perform the smallest repairs or the biggest installation jobs. Every step of the way, we’re committed to ensuring the safety of your workers, as well as your satisfaction through ongoing support and maintenance.

If you need a simple repair, our vehicles come fully equipped with tools and parts, so you don’t have to deal with long down times. Likewise, if your dock traffic lights need a complete replacement and new installation, we can recommend the durable and flexible light design and products that can withstand harsh environments and the demands of busy use. Whatever situation you’re facing, we can improve the lighting conditions of your dock.

Ready to learn more about installation and repair services for your dock traffic lights? Call Pro-Lift Doors today to schedule your free consultation and estimate. With our solutions, you can boost the safety, efficiency and productivity of your loading dock.