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5 Safety Tips For Overhead Garage Doors

5 Safety Tips For Overhead Garage Doors


The first thing that you need to check to ensure safety is the alignment. Overhead garage doors are not only the biggest entrance to your home, they are also used constantly and that means that they can easily come off alignment. If it is not well aligned, then there is a risk that it will fall down and shut itself without a warning. If you or your vehicle are nearby then the falling door can cause damage or injury.


It is important to understand the mechanism of overhead garage doors. Because they are rather heavy a lot of power is actually used in order to make it go up and down. The door is opened and closed through the use of a track system. In order for the door to work safely you need to ensure that the tracks are not blocked by a person or an object. If a person puts their hands on the track it can easily mean loss of fingers.


The size of overhead garage doors is also very important for the safety. You need to make sure that you are matching the weight and the size of the door with the mechanism that you have. If you are not using the right mechanism the door may become too much for it to handle and therefore causing possible injuries. The wrong match could also lead to many problems with the components in your new garage door.


Sensors are very important to overhead garage doors and in fact they need to be installed by law. The sensors work to detect any possible blocks on the closing path. It is important to make sure that the sensors are always working so that if something is on the way of the garage door, then the door will not close. If your home has an older model and it does not have a sensor then it is important to change it.


The springs are the most important and the most dangerous component of your garage door. They hold all the tension from the door so you need to make sure that you handle them with extreme care. When handled incorrectly the springs can fly off the mount. Another item that can be dangerous is the cables as they are the ones that help lift the door. Handling these components with care will ensure the safety of the door at all times.