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About Choosing the Right Garage Door Opener


garage door openers are very important components of garage doors as they add convenience and, safety and security. While choosing a garage door opener for your home of commercial building, you need to look into a number of factors including power, noise level, safety features and security issues.

Understand that garage doors are heavy objects. To be able to handle the weight of the garage door up and down several times a day, your garage door opener motor must be powerful enough. Most common models of garage door openers feature ½ HP motors. These are capable of handling the common types of garage doors that come in a standard size. For some reasons if you need to install a larger door, you must certainly consider going for a more powerful garage door opener. Certainly, commercial establishments having larger garage doors need to go for higher HP openers depending on the size of the door.

Quiet operation of your garage door opener is an important concern that you need to look into. These days, most garage door openers are made with this aspect in mind. Especially if your garage door is located near a quiet zone, sleeping room or living room, you need to stress more on this aspect so that people are not disturbed by the noise while the door is operated.

garage door openers are operated by different kinds of drives. The most common types of drives are belt drives, direct drives, screw drives, and chain drives. Belt drives feature a strong rubber like belt – similar to the one you find in a car’s fan – to operate a garage door. These belts offer years of service and most of them come with lifetime warranty. After several years when they are worn out, you may need to replace the belt alone. This is one of the quietest kinds of drive. Direct drives have a moving motor that moves along a chain fixed in a stationary mode. These kinds of drives are told to be quieter than belt drives. Most consumers state that these are highly reliable and need very less maintenance. They have very less number of moving parts and therefore, the companies do not hesitate to give life time warranties for parts including the circuit board, motor, chain and rail. In screw drive openers, a sturdy metal rod is found threaded like a screw that is used to operate the garage door.

The noise level of these openers falls in between belt drives and chain drives. Chain drives employ a metal chain to operate the garage door. These are the least expensive models among all kinds of openers but the loudest of all. These drives need maintenance and replacement of chain as the chain might get looseover a period of usage.Newer models of garage doors feature rolling code technology that uses a new code for opening the door every time it is operated. This enables the owners with added security features as housebreakers cannot detect the code. Talking of the safety features, check the quality of the sensors and the reversing mechanism that will prevent any accidental injury to people and property while the door is operated. In this way, you need to evaluate the aspects detailed so far in order to find the best buy while shopping for a garage door opener.

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