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Are Aluminum or Steel Garage Doors Better?

The garage door is an essential and dependable moving feature of a home. It is utilized to open and close the garage many times during the day. As well, it is a layer of security that protects tools, equipment, cars and trucks, and is often used to store many family belongings. When choosing a garage door, one now has a number of different types and materials to choose from. The garage door is an essential item that has to be able to endure varying degrees of wear and tear. A garage door is normally located at the front of the home so it also has to be pleasing to the eye. In recent years, metal garage doors have been chosen for their strength and stability. When selecting a metal garage door, people now have a choice of aluminum or steel doors. Both have positive features, but steel garage doors seem to have a few more benefits.

Aluminum is naturally impervious to corrosion and rust; however, steel doors can be painted in order to protect the steel from moisture and humidity. Aluminum is a fairly soft metal and is greatly prone to dents. Steel is stronger, heavier, and more resistant to dents. Although aluminum garage doors are less expensive than steel, replacement parts for steel doors are more accessible. Steel doors are available in many colors, textures, finishes, and designs while aluminum doors have fewer options as they are not that widely used. As well, aluminum is difficult to paint effectively. Steel doors can be manufactured with wood-grain patterns, allowing them to look like wood doors. As well, steel garage doors can be vinyl-coated so they will not rust or corrode. Quality steel garage doors will come with a warranty that guarantees that the door will not rust for as long as one owns the home.

Steel doors are very energy efficient. These doors come in a variety of thickness. Steel doors are measured their gauge. The higher the gauge steel, the less thick the steel will be. For instance, gauge steel is thinner than 24 gauge steel. Steel garage doors will not bend or warp, and the paint is long lasting. The thicker the garage door, the better insulated it is. Steel doors can come with polyurethane or polystyrene foam insulation. This helps keep the garage warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The insulation also causes the door to be a lighter-weight which prevents it from eventually drooping down. Steel doors also come with efficient weather stripping and weather seals. This can help one cut down on their energy bill and protect items from great changes in heat and cold.

Adding a garage door to your garage is a great way to add value to your home, protect garage items, and increase the value of the home. Today, garage doors are not restricted to the use of wood as they were in the past. By assessing the advantages, benefits, and features of steel garage doors and aluminum garage doors, one can make an informed decision about which type of garage door, aluminum or steel, will meet their needs.

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