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Why Don’t My Garage Door Closed?

You probably don’t spend very much time thinking about your garage door until you go to leave your house and it don’t closed. There are a few common causes of garage doors not closing. Some of them you can probably fix yourself, while others should only be handled by a professional, as you may make the problem worse.

Problems with the Safety Sensors

Even if there isn’t anything in the way of the garage door closing, the safety sensors in the door may be tripping, causing the door to go back up instead of closing all of the way. A Craftsman brand garage door opener my flash the lights five times or click five times to let you know that there is a problem with the sensors. The electronic safety sensors are located on the bottom of the rails on the each end of the garage door. One of the eyes is designed to be the transmitter, and the other is designed to be the receiver. Each sensor has an LED light on the side of it. The light on the transmitter side should always be on. The garage door will not closed properly if this light is out.

There is Something in the Way

The safety sensors may be tripped because there is something in the space between the safety sensors and the door. The safety sensors can’t tell the difference between a blanket and a child, so they will stop the door from closing if anything is in the way. Make sure that there is nothing close to the bottom of the door or the space where the door is supposed to meet the floor.

The Vacation Switch is Tripped

Try pressing the door closing button on the wall of your garage. If the door closes when you push the button, it is likely that the vacation switch, also known as the lock out switch, has been pressed. It’s easy to accidentally push this button, as it is usually located close to the button that turns the garage light on and off and the button that opens and closes the door. Turn off the vacation switch and try closing the door using your remote. It’s likely that your remote will work now that the vacation switch is in the proper position.

Wiring Issues

Faulty wiring can cause the sensors in your garage door to fail, making it impossible for you to close the door. Shaking the wires that lead to the sensors on your garage door may make the LED lights flicker. If this is the case, you probably have an issue with the wiring. You can try tightening the connections yourself, but it may be better to call a professional so that you don’t risk causing additional damage. If you try to make the repair yourself, don’t forget to unplug the garage door opener so that no power is going to it while you are working with the wires. Plug it back in when you are finished and resume your attempt to close the door.

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