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What to Consider When Looking For Garage Door Repair

What to Consider When Looking For Garage Door Repair

Most homes or businesses are not complete without a fully functioning garage. Because of our modern dependence upon vehicles and our increasing needs for storage, it is important that you make an informed decision about the space your car and other things will be stored. Beyond the design and implementation of the doors themselves, you may find a need in the future for a garage door repair. When in the market for garage door repair, there are many things you should consider.

An unexpected malfunction of your doors can cause you to miss important appointments and fall behind in other daily scheduled events. Each time we go to use our doors we are relying upon their operation. For this reason, we are disappointed and thrown off track when they malfunction. Finding professionals who can provide prompt garage door repair is very important. Many garage door service providers are sure to provide stocked trucks that have many if not all of the required parts on hand. Because of the nature of doors, many require various different parts. Finding professionals who have these parts on hand can increase the ease of the service they provide.

In addition, you should consider the timeliness of the garage door service providers you choose. Make sure that they have an understanding that your time is important. As previously mentioned, by having parts at hand they can save time and get the job done more quickly so that you can get on with your work day as usual. garage door repair providers also are sure to offer call services around the clock, so if you suffer a malfunction at an unexpected time you can get in touch with them about repairs. Many are even sure to offer experienced repairmen that are familiar with all major brands of doors. Expert garage door service professionals can install and repair all brands of doors. Finding professionals with this extensive experience and expertise can be of great help.

Another thing to consider when looking for a garage door repair service is the type of relationship the professionals have with their customers. Many providers are sure to offer in-depth inspections and recommendations for your doors. This can include information pertaining to safety, cost-effectiveness and customer value. Finding garage door repair professionals with extensive experience with doors can give you some insight into what types of services you may be interested in. They can also work with you to find the best options for your personal needs. They may even be able to offer alternative solutions for some of the more unique situations you may be interested in. Considering this aspect can be of great benefit.

Not only should you be sure the garage door service technicians are experienced, but be sure they are certified and thoroughly trained. Technicians with experience and training can get the work done quickly and make sure that it is done right while some are also sure to provide high-quality parts and superior hardware for your repairs.

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Key Things To Consider While Installing Garage Door Opener

Key Things To Consider While Installing Garage Door Opener

The very first question that pops in the mind is “What is a garage door opener and how is it installed?” A garage door opener is nothing but a motorized device, which helps in opening and closing of the garage doors. They are majorly controlled by the switches on the garage walls as well as remote controls carried by their owners for better and quick functioning. The garage door service must be efficient and effective in order to provide some relief to the owner of the same and give the maximum benefits possible. They are the best when it comes to performance and reliability and thus looked upon by many for their residential as well as commercial needs depending on the budget in hand and the kind required for the concerned place.

They are quite powerful, durable and long lasting. Thus, cost effective for the customer concerned. These automatic door openers come with various features and thus complete the set in a good manner. They come with a variety of power levels and different garage door weights and sizes to suit the requirements of one and all. They are very much safe and secure, quite convenient and powerful. They are the best in the market and much talked about.

garage door Installation is also simple and does not involve any complexities. Overhead doors are the easiest of all to install and must be considered. They come with the ready-to-do instructions manual and thus are more convenient in all ways. They are quite easy to be comprehended by the people and make use of them. It is a simple process which includes the combination of various factors to be considered. To name a few, the factors are as below:

Lift Motor Determination
Springs Alignment
Stiffener Alignment and much more.

All the parts must be studied and understood properly so that it can be installed in a single go, without posing any problems or complexities of any sort. Thus, a safe and secure garage door must be installed at all times, without a saying.
garage door Repair is another important task and it must be carried out from time to time for the maintenance of the door and preventing the wear and tear of the same. Springs must be checked from time to time and must be changed or screwed properly in order to have the best of the doors. Springs can pose various problems for the garage door repair and must not be left unchecked to avoid any sort of damage or calamity to one and all. They must be attended to at the earliest and necessary action must be taken as soon as possible.

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On Fixing The Important Garage Door Issues

On Fixing The Important Garage Door Issues

garage doors have two main components; namely the garage door itself and the garage door opener. garage doors are part of most buildings and it is advisable that the property owners stay informed of little things that can go wrong with their garage doors and the art of fixing them so that they are not left strangled with a faulty door during a crucially important hour. Though you need to call professionals to inspect and set right the garage door issues, there is nothing wrong in knowing about these most obvious problems to be able to do something from your end during emergency.

The main technology behind overhead garage doors is the spring tension. Using this principle, either they roll up in sections or swing up as one piece. There are metal tracks fixed to the garage walls and the doors move on these tracks. The power for the movement is duly provided by the spring or set of springs. When you detect some fault in the doors, you may need to check a few things given below.

First and foremost, inspect the metal tracks inside the garage. Survey the mounting brackets that hold the tracks firmly to the walls. If you find them loose, you can tighten the bolts and screws. When you work inside the garage with the door in closed position, check whether there are any dents, crimps or flat spots. If you happen to notice them you can use a rubber mallet to pound them. You may also use a hammer or a block of scrap wood. If you find the tracks damaged badly, then it might be the time to replace them for new ones.

Check the alignment of the tracks. Understand that the horizontal tracks need to slant slightly down towards the back side of the garage. In case of roll up doors, the vertical section of the tracks needs to be precisely plump. When you notice the tracks on the walls, both the tracks must be at the same height. If there is something wrong with the track alignment, then loosen the screws and bolts and tap in a way the tracks come to position. Once again check the tracks with level. Finally tighten the screws and blots.

You may use a concentrated household cleaner to clean the tracks in order to clear the debris collection and the accumulation of hardened grease application.

Inspect to see whether there are any loose hardware and tighten them. In case of swing up doors, check the plates at the point where the springs are mounted to ensure the screws hold tightly. In case of roll up doors, inspect to check whether the hinges are holding the sections of the door together. If you find the hinges damaged, replace them and if you find screws loose, tighten them. If you see the door sagging at one side, then you may probably need to service the hinges. If you find the screws hole enlarged, then replace the screw with new ones that are longer with the same diameter. While fixing the new screw, you might as well use a hollow fibre plug dipped in carpenter’s glue. If the wood near the hinges is cracked, then remove the screws, fill the crack with wood filler and let it dry before fixing the screws once again. These little maintenance tasks can be tried from yourside if you have the necessary implements and interest before you call a professional.

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All You Need to Know About Garage Doors

All You Need to Know About Garage Doors

If you have a garage, you must have felt how important the garage door is at some point of time. The importance of a proper garage door for the safety of your car and family members cannot be underscored. In this article, let us understand about the garage doors and become conscious about the importance of their regular maintenance.

Materials Galore

While planning for a garage door, the first thing that comes to your mind is its building material. Customers are spoiled for choice as far as the building materials and designs are concerned. Wood and steel are the commonest building material. For each kind of garage gate material, you can get multiple options for its exterior look and feel. You can decide upon decorative windows, hardware, and insulation as per your requirements.

When you shop around for a new garage gate, each manufacturer will vouch that their product is the best. Don’t be tempted by catchy advertisements or unrealistic promises. Always keep in mind that your new garage gate should last for at least 10-20 years, depending upon the usage rate and maintenance frequency.

Steel Garage Gates

Steel garage gates are most common. Lower costs, ease of maintenance, and a variety of available designs make steel garage doors the obvious choice. In general, no painting is required, though you can have a garage gate painted if you wish. You can also get a variety of designs, such as, raised panels, flush panels and so forth. As most garages share an interior wall of a home, insulation inside the garage door can help in cutting down your heating/cooling expenses.

Wooden Garage Gates

In terms of popularity and range of choices, wooden garage doors come next to steel garage doors. However, a wooden garage door is costlier than a steel garage door. Wooden garage doors need to be painted to prevent damage caused by water. They can withstand more wear and tear than steel garage doors. Wooden garage doors also have insulation options. If you want to have a customized garage door, then a wooden one will be the best bet.

Other Types of Garage Gates

Apart from steel and wood, vinyl garage doors are also getting popular nowadays. Vinyl garage gates are rustproof and are more resistant to scratches than their steel counterparts. A vinyl garage gate is not usually available off the shelf. It usually takes a lead-time of 2-4 weeks. A vinyl garage door has the same exterior style and insulation options as a steel garage door.

With environment consciousness pervading far and wide, people are seeking environment-friendly garage door materials. These environment-friendly garage doors are made up of recycled wood. These garage doors can be painted and have insulation facilities.

Maintaining Garage Gates

Always remember to maintain your garage gates regularly. It will cut down your maintenance expenditure to a considerable extent. Check the balance of your door and make sure that it doesn’t need adjustments. Also, examine the parts, such as springs, rollers, and tracks and ensure that they work correctly. Don’t prolong the repair of your garage gate. Do not attempt to repair anything on your own, always bank upon the expertise of a professional repairer.


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Beginner’s Guide To Buying A Garage Door

Beginner’s Guide To Buying A Garage Door

So you want to buy a garage door and be an expert your first time out. Here are a few tips to aid the process of finding the right door for your home.

Some people break the process of looking for a garage door into very simple terms of trying to find something to fill a large hole in front of their home that looks good and is cost effective. That’s a good start. Cost, appearance and functionality are part of the process, but safety, warranty, adaptability and value should also be part of the mix.

Here are some general guidelines:


There are a wide range of options out there. You don’t have to buy a white garage door with a lot of squares any more. In fact some manufacturers can give you a door with no squares at all. Pattern and design options are multitude for most major manufacturers.

Most manufacturers have two or three colors, but some offer the flexibility of dozens of factory baked-on colors. What will look best with your home and bring out the features you think are important? Those are the key issues to ask.

Material and Design

Steel garage doors come in embossed, ribbed and flush designs. garage doors come in steel, copper, glass and aluminum, so there are multiple options to consider. You have more options than just the one door you may be looking at in the showroom. Some manufacturers specialize in customizing your door within a very short time, so lead time for a customized door with the right material and look is another option to consider.

The value of the steel in your garage door is also a major issue. Hi-tensile steel is best in at least 25-gauge for protection from denting. Ensure that you inquire about the gauge of steel used and whether the paint is baked on, or simply sprayed. This will give a very clear picture in a hurry about the quality that went into your potential purchase.

Optional Windows

Any garage door can be purchased with optional windows. A myriad of patterns and designs are now available that allow in natural light to liven up the garage. Weigh safety issues in your choice and whether the windows are made of acrylic or glass.

Insulation value

Some manufacturers tout the insulation value of garage doors. Most people question this concern, since the garage in most homes is neither heated nor cooled. If insulation is a concern to you, lightweight polystyrene foam insulation can be added to most doors. Insulated doors will help to reduce the amount of outside temperatures that enters your garage, thus keeping it more comfortable for you. An insulated door is generally quieter and has a more attractive interior than an uninsulated door.


The spring is perhaps the most undervalued part of a garage door initially but makes its value known very quickly. Low-cost doors tend to use extension springs. Make sure an internal safety containment cable is included in case of breakage.

Springs tend to be the first part of the garage door to need service or replacement. Many springs are tested to operate between 5,000 to 10,000 cycles while some manufacturers make a spring that will last up to 30,000 cycles or more. That’s a wide difference in longevity and value when you add it up. Most homeowners use their garage doors up to 3,000 times per-year so a 10,000-cycle spring could break within 3-4 years.Check the manufacturer’s warranty on the spring. Never buy a door with only a one-year warranty on the spring.



This is another defining difference in quality and value. Is the manufacturer giving you hardware that will last for five years or 30 years? The coating on the hardware will be one of the first clues and makes the difference in rust, so common in humid areas. Check for at least a G-60 zinc coating on the hardware.

Wind Resistance

If you live in a high-wind region, you’ll regret skimping on your garage door. The garage door industry set standards on wind loads that a door should be able to tolerate. Make sure the door you’re looking at meets local building codes. Conventional garage doors usually can handle a wind load up to 35 mph, while others build one that is standard at 70 mph. Additional struts can increase the wind resistance on any door.


How much of a warranty can you get? This is where manufacturers tend to thin out in a hurry. Many offer one-year warranties and limited use warranties, but there is at least one company that offers a lifetime warranty on its product. Who is willing to stand behind their product? When you’re investing money in a garage door this should be a big consideration.

While you may save $100-$200 in buying a cheaper door, you will actually be paying more in the long-run when considered in terms of how much you spend on your door over any given period. In many cases you get a much greater value, by spending the extra $100 to $200 up front. In general, look for a garage door warranty that covers moving parts for at least 15-20 years, and that covers torsion springs for at least 5-10 years or more.


This is another defining difference among garage door manufacturers. The industry tends to be lightly regulated and so the range of safety options among manufacturers is quite broad. Each year the Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates there are thousands of injury associated with garage door use. In 2001, for example, there were an estimated 17,000 incidents related to the garage door, many involving children.

The most common area of trouble is between section joints. A finger caught in a section joint can easily be broken or severed. Several manufacturers have redesigned their garage doors to protect the fingers, by blocking access and shrinking the size of the gap in the joint. For some this is found only on the higher priced model, but for at least one it is universal on all of its garage doors.

Track hardware and the cable used to move the door up and down are also key. Many of the track systems, common today, have gaping holes or entrapment points where a child can stick their finger though and can easily result in a serious injury in a thoughtless moment of play. Take time to consider the safety factors of your family, especially if you have younger children, before your finalize your garage door purchase.

garage door Opener

Openers are usually available with a belt or a chain drive and a ½ or 1/3 horsepower drive. Power is usually only a factor in choosing an opener when a large door is involved. Safety standards initiated in 1993 require that a door reverse its direction when something crosses the path of photoelectric eyes in place that cross the door opening—-a key safety feature. But new standards aside, many openers are still noisy and carry limited warranties. Noise can be a factor if there is a bedroom or room above the garage.

Ask for a demonstration of the garage door opener before buying. Finer door openers do not vibrate and the noise level is minimal. Look for at least a 10-20 year warranty that covers all parts.

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How To Pick The Best Garage Door

How To Pick The Best Garage Door

How to Find the Best garage door

If you want to maximize the value of your home, you’ll find garage doors are an easy and affordable method to increase your home’s curb appeal. A good garage door will distinguish it from the rest of the neighborhood. For something extra special, custom made garage doors can be designed to your specifications.

The most common types of garage doors are: Retractable, Canopy Side, and Hinged Sectional Retractable. Where limited space in your driveway is an issue, sectional garage doors are the right choice. They open and shut vertically, allowing cars to park very close to the door without keeping it from opening. Among the wide variety of designs, the most popular garage doors are sectional, upward acting, and self storing.

The Types of garage doors

Gone are the old manual doors. Today you’ll find that remote controlled and motorized garage doors have produced a more usable garage. The most popular style is the overhead garage door.

The primary concern in planning your garage door is the material used. Selecting the best garage door materials for your needs will depend on a few things like the style of your home, and how warm you want your garage to be. There are 3 main materials for garage door construction: Wood, Steel and Fiberglass (GRP).

When you’re planning to install a garage door, you must consider door type and materials. You can also incorporate into your plan such things as heated garages or unique window options.

The Most Popular Style is the Overhead garage door

Overhead garage doors are by far the most popular type of garage door available to homeowners. With automatic stop and begin features, people find overhead garage doors easy to use, with wonderful options and safety features.

Overhead garage doors work with a rolling system. The door rolls up and stores along the roof of the garage. Overhead door features to look for are that they are smooth, quiet and compact. Installing an overhead garage door is simple; do it yourself, or get help from the manufacturer.

The Appeal of Wood

Wood garage doors are preferred more for their appearance and affordability than for their durability.

You can select wood types like solid cedar for a durable garage door, which will last for years and look wonderful. Sections of roll-up wood doors may have either panel or flush construction. For panel doors, manufacturers fit several separate, rectangular panels into a wooden frame. Flush sections are made by fastening a plywood panel on top of a wooden frame.

The main disadvantage to a wooden garage door is that wood expands and contracts and can warp or crack as it weathers. It demands re-painting or refinishing every couple of years to keep it looking good and in top condition.

Steel garage doors Have Many Advantages

The main advantage to steel garage doors is that they won’t warp, crack, or fall apart because of weather. With no painting or refinishing requirements, steel doors are a low maintenance possibility that will keep your home looking stylish. Nowadays most steel garage doors are made of hot-dipped galvanized steel that is vinyl clad or given a baked on polyester finish. They will not rust or require repainting like wooden doors.

Another important advantage of steel garage doors is that they achieve the look of wood without the maintenance. Some have grained steel skins that can be stained to look just like wood. A design mimicking carriage house doors has become quite popular for nearly a decade. Some manufacturers use composite or vinyl boards on the exterior of a steel door to make it look like an outward swinging door.

The only disadvantage to steel doors is that they dent and can be difficult to repair. A premium door is often 2 inches thick, filled with insulation, and clad in 24-gauge steel. Less-expensive doors are usually thinner and made of 28 gauge steel. So steel offers real benefits over wood; it costs less and it needs much less maintenance and with can look just like wood.

The Assets of Fiberglass

Fiberglass, sometimes called GRP, garage doors are chosen for locations where light is important or in salty ocean climates. GRP garage doors need only mild exterior cleaning to retain their quality finish. They generally they do not need to be stained or finished. The most popular style for a GRP garage door is the retractable garage door. Fiberglass is a tough and durable material which will keep looking good for years.


Each of garage door material has its own benefits: Steel up and over doors are sturdy and give great value for money; wood doors are insulated and have an appealing look, and fiberglass up and over garage doors are extremely low maintenance offering a timber effect without the maintenance of real wood. Which ever you pick you’ll be sure that it will elevate the curb appeal and the value of your home, and increase your feeling of security.


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4 Things to Consider When Buying a New Garage Door

4 Things to Consider When Buying a New Garage Door

When it’s time to replace your garage door, it’s time to think about exactly what is important to you. Here are 4 things to consider before you buy.

Your budget. This has to be the starting point. On the good side, garage doors are often less expensive than people expect. Make a few calls and get a price range. Match it to your budget so as you start your search you know what you can spend. Look for the best deal – the best door – within your budget.

Insulation. Ask for the R-value of the doors you consider. Especially if you have an attached garage, an insulated door may deliver savings on your overall energy bill since heat and cold may bleed into your home. Polyurethane insulation is an insulation to consider as it delivers a higher R-value and also reduces noise while it strengthens the door, too.
Safety. This is the most important feature in any garage. When you replace the garage door opener, by law it will come with an automatic reverse. Test it on a regular basis after it is installed and test it with a roll of paper towels – not wood – as they approximate the soft body of a child or pet. Additionally consider pinch-resistant doors and tamper-resistant bottom brackets. Remember, your garage door is probably the heaviest moving object in your home – keep it safe!
Material. Again, you budget plays a role here, but think about the material. Steel is very durable and can be touched up or repainted. Vinyl garage last the longest and never need to be painted. Wood may be the most beautiful – especially in some of the carriage door designs – but it is more expensive. Fiberglass garage can replicate the look of wood at a lower price and they require less maintenance.
Windows. Windows can add style to even a simple garage and you’ll find a selection of designs to match almost any home. Give some thought to the glass. You want a window to let light in and make your garage less gloomy, but keep in mind that a stack of boxes against a window just isn’t too good looking. Some sort of frosted or patterned glass that doesn’t offer a view of the things in your garage may be better – and, if you garage is completely clean and the home to expensive tools, it blocks the view of thieves!

Your garage door is an essential part of your everyday life and the security of your family. When it’s time for a new garage door, make sure you work with a registered garage door replacement company. You want a professional making sure that everything is exactly right, functioning properly and ready to give your home a great new look!


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Signs You Need To Hire A Garage Door Repair Professional

Signs You Need To Hire A Garage Door Repair Professional

Maybe you have a simple or complex garage door repair. Whether your garage door makes a squeak or refuses to open, you can’t be sure whether you can fix the issues yourself or not. However, regular upkeep will keep each part of the door functioning properly. Plus, you won’t need to hire a professional every other day. But if your garage door has any of the following serious issues, you should call for help.

Door Panels and springs

Problematic panels is not an issue that you can fix yourself. You must have technical knowledge in order to make sure each panel matches your type, brand, material and color.

In other words, you will have to order the right panels and get them installed the right way. Professionals will also let you know what you can do to make your panels stand the test of time.

The springs of the door can get damaged or break down. As a result, they will need to be replaced as soon as possible. Each spring has different requirements as far as replacement goes. So, you will need to use special equipment for making this type of replacement. If you have no idea how to replace the springs, you will go to a professional.

Dysfunctional Bent Tracks or rollers

The role of a roller is to allow the door to move. With the passage of time, bent tracks or rollers will go through a lot of wear and tear and may need to be replaced. As with the door springs, proper training and other knowledge is required for replacing the damaged rollers.

Damaged Cables

Cables of the door go through a lot of stress and may be difficult to fix. Therefore, you may want to get this project done by a professional.

Regular maintenance can help you avoid major repair issues. Below are the things you can do in order to make sure your door will work properly.

· Since doors move very frequently, their nuts and bolts tend to become loose with the passage of time. So, you may want to keep an eye on the bolts, nuts and brackets to make sure they don’t become loose.

· The chain or screw of the opener should be lubricated on a yearly basis. You can use white lithium grease for this purpose for example, which will help the door opener keep working smoothly. Aside from this, lubricating will also make the screws stand the test of time.

· You should check the doors on a regular basis to make sure they are balanced. For this, you need to disconnect the opener and then check if the door maintains its position. In case it does, you won’t need to hold it. On the other hand, if the door goes back up, you should know that the springs are under a lot of tension. In this case, you will need to hire a garage door repair service.

So, these are a few signs that you need to call a garage door repair professional. If your garage doors have any of these problems, don’t try to fix them yourself or you will hurt yourself or cause damage to the doors.


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Garage Doors Maintenance To Avoid Accidents

Garage Doors Maintenance To Avoid Accidents

Most people use garage doors to have the safe area to store different types of useful and useless items. Whereas some people use it as the main entry point and some use it as the best place to park their cars or private vehicles. Surveys and statistical reports show that people take less care of their garage doors and easily fall victim. In fact, there is more and more number of accidents taking place due to the malfunctioning of the garage doors across the world. As there are many moving parts integrated in a garage doors, it is often difficult to take care.

It needs a high level of accuracy and knowledge to take good care of garage doors. It not only keeps you and your family member safe, but also eliminates the risk of accidents. It is true that failure of any one part of the door can cause damage and invite accidents. This is why it is often recommended that hiring a garage door company is the best option to reduce potential accidents.
Expert technicians can take good care of your entire garage door and its parts. They not only provide the complete repair and maintenance services, but also replace the old and damaged parts.

If you have kids, or if you sense any type of malfunctioning or screeching noise from your garage doors, then you must hire a service expert who can provide reliable services. They repair garage door opener that has stopped working or other parts that are producing noise. By hiring an expert you can avoid accidents and save your family members and vehicle, too.

Proper maintenance of the garage door could prevent costly repairs. Companies suggest regular maintenance; check up, inspection, and tune-up of the garage doors to avoid fatal accidents. Trained technicians can perform a door safety check with tune-up. Professional technicians analyze and inspect garage door sections, track, hinges, etc and repair them if needed. At the same time, they tighten all screws for safety and strength. They lubricate garage door rollers, and springs for better and smooth movement.

All such things simply prevent costly garage door repairs. Experts understand the need of such maintenance and tune up on a regular basis; this is why they provide reliable services. They know that accidents can take place at any point of time. If you want to avoid garage door related accidents, then you must hire an expert.


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Garage Door Opener Types

Garage Door Opener Types

In times past garage doors could only be lifted by grabbing the handle at the bottom of the door and lift up to open it and to shut it you repeated the steps. Today, in order to open a garage door you need some type of opener, which was invented in the 1920’s. They can be opened by a remote control or from a switch on the garage wall. There are several different garage door openers on the market.

Belt drive

This opener is not as noisy as the chain drive. They can be installed for a garage that is below or next to the home. This opener is more durable and stronger than the chair drive, which is why many people prefer this one. The unit of this opener consists of a rubber belt instead of a steel chain.

Chain drive

This one is the cheapest and one most commonly used. It is very easy to install this device because it is basically a metal chain connected to the motor of the opener. You can activate it with a remote control or switch. To lift the garage door up when the main switch is turned on the opener uses a shaft and sprocket chain. This is the noisiest type of garage door opener made. C. G. Johnson made the first types of these openers. Normally the switch is installed on the garage wall for better access, both on the outside and the inside.

Screw Drive

This was founded by a manufacturer called Genie and is an automatic opener. A motor called direct driver operates it. The garage door is lifted with the help of a threaded steel rod. It moves when the motor is switched on using no belts or chains so there is no noise at all. It also has more speed than the other two types of garage door openers making it more efficient,

When choosing a door opener for you garage look at the power you are going to need. If you are opening a single door, a smaller motor will work but if you have a double door garage you will need a motor with at least one-half horsepower. You should look for one that offers a safety mechanism that will keep the garage from closing all the way if something is in the electronic beam that stops the door from closing, helping to prevent accidents that could be serious, even fatal. Another safety feature you might consider is a rolling code. This changes the opening signal each time you activate the door. This will prevent crossed signals with your neighbor’s garage door and protects your security code. Look for the simplest one that fits your need.


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